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Tissue-Specific Treatment for
Better Patient Outcomes

with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Discover how IASTM can not only save your hands, but also improve patient outcomes.

IASTM home study course

New! IASTM Home Study Online Course

Save your hands and level UP your practice. Your patients will get better results when you integrate IASTM into your practice, thanks to our new online course.

Muscle Manual 2nd Edition

Updated for 2018

The Famous Muscle Manual by Nikita Vizniak

The Muscle Manual has quickly become the gold standard in anatomy textbooks. Pick the the second edition now and rapidly upgrade your anatomy knowledge.

Orthopedic Assessment Textbook

By Nikita Vizniak

The content, illustrations and layout format of Orthopedic Assessment is designed for use during practice and in the classroom, for procedures, interpretation, clinical notes and ranking. Supportive videos are accessible online.

Joint Play and Mobilization Textbook

By Nikita Vizniak

The Joint Play and Mobilization textbook bridges the gap between academics and practical application. It contains concise, easily accessible information on joint play and mobilizations, muscle energy and myofascial techniques and much more.