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The Jets therapy heads get in touch with ProSTM

Physical therapy heads from the Winnipeg Jets (NHL) and Manitoba Moose (AHL) pow wow with Dr. Nik over benefits of proSTM instrument application. The following article was originally published by Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine –  Check it out! Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose Seminar Dr. Nikita Vizniak, the Boucher Institute’s Physical Medicine Department Chair, has just finished a 2 day seminar with the athletic therapy department of the Winnipeg Jets (NHL) and Manitoba Moose (AHL). When you are working on multimillion [...]


5 Rules to Choosing The Right IASTM Instrument for You

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a safe and effective technique that every practitioner should have in their repertoire. However, learning the technique and buying the correct tool for you are two different things. Buying an IASTM instrument is like buying a new car – research must be done! You have to “test drive” these instruments to determine which one fits your treatment approach, your hand size, and your budget. It has to be practical, affordable, and effective.     With [...]

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Introducing the Clinical Massage Therapy Manual

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Clinical Massage Therapy manual. This book is a “must have” resource for Massage Therapists — students and practitioners alike. It’s an easy to follow guide, packed with images, charts and tips that will help you achieve maximum healing results for your patients.Clinical Massage Therapy is the best guide available for students, instructors and clinicians looking to upgrade their practice. For Massage Therapists by Massage Therapists! For more details check out the product pages:   [...]


Heat vs Cold … What the evidence suggests

Acute soft tissue injury has been managed using the acronym PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) for years, even though there is a lack of evidence demonstrating its efficacy. Although rest is beneficial for acute soft tissue trauma (Bring et al. 2009; Martinez et al. 2007), it should only be limited to immediately after the trauma as long periods of rest are potentially harmful. This is because lack of movement will allow the soft tissue to heal in [...]

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Doctors

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a doctor’s office and wondering…How much can this doctor really help me? Do they know what they’re talking about when they’re giving me nutritional advice or pharmacological advice? How can I choose one type of doctor over another to suit my needs and get me to where I need to be?All of these questions and thoughts are extremely overwhelming! This is where the common practice of “doctor shopping” has become prevalent in today’s society. [...]


ProHealth Receives Multiple 2015 Academics’ Choice Awards

ProHealth is pleased to announce that we have been honoured with 10 Academics’ Choice Awards for 2015. The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, and provide potential for the student to fully develop higher order thinking skills. Complete list of ProHealth Awards: 2015 Smart Book AwardPhysical Assessment Muscle Manual Muscle Manual Workbook Orthopedic Conditions Physical Assessment Physical Medicine Spinal Manual2015 Mind Spring AwardPain [...]


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