Evidence Informed Graded Exercise Therapy​ Oct. 31, 2021

$85.00 CAD$250.00 CAD

  • Recognize BPS barriers to exercise therapy
  • Apply the ACE principle in exercise therapy (Alignment/Activate, Control, Endurance) – using body weight progressions, stretching straps, kettlebells, dowel rod, resistance bands, and yoga poses
  • Assess the clinical anatomy of the body region
  • Show functional movements how to strengthen and stretch muscles, fascia, ligament, joints and nerves
  • Understand key biomechanics and kinesiology to reduce injury rates and promote optimal healing through graded exercise exposure
  • Recognize tissue-specific injuries and contraindications, indications and precautions to movement type therapies
  • Identify common presentations of regional conditions that may require movement therapy


  • Who: Dr. Nikita Vizniak
  • What: 0401 Evidence Informed Graded Exercise Therapy​
  • When: Oct. 31, 2021 from 1pm-4pm
  • Where: ProHealthsys Education Center – 6436 Thorne Ave, Burnaby, BC
  • Practitioner Rate: $250.00
  • Student rate: $85.00
  • 3 PE credits

Course Description

Do you know what exercises to give and when? We are here to help empower your clients and patients by breaking the cycle of dependence and instilling resilience.

Level-up to apply goal-focused graded exercise exposure to see better person-centred outcomes. Work through biopsychosocial/fear-avoidance models to gain confidence in assessment and application of high-quality movement therapy protocols. Learn how modifications can be given to varied populations (low back pain, whiplash, bad knees etc.).

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Practitioner, Student

Evidence Informed Graded Exercise Therapy​ Oct. 31, 2021

$85.00 CAD$250.00 CAD