IASTM - Upper Lower Body Oct 16-17, 2021

$85.00 CAD$400.00 CAD

  • This workshop provides a basic introduction to research, indications, contraindications, and intro to application
  • Sample instruments from many manufacturers – bring your own and let’s compare!
  • Test drive the ProSTM IASTM tools
  • Learn in a fun, interactive environment


  • Who: Dr. Nikita Vizniak
  • What: 0702/0703 Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • When: Oct 16-17, 2021, 9AM – 5PM
  • Where: Firefighters’ Club
, Burnaby, BC
 – 6515 Bonsor Ave (Metrotown)
  • Practitioner Rate: $250 per day or $400 for both days (RMT or recent graduate)
  • Student rate: $85 per day or $155 for both days (must be past 2nd semester of RMT education)
  • 14 PE credits
    Day 1 – IASTM Principles Lower Body (7hr) (Back, hip, thigh, gastrosoleus, plantar fascia)
    Day 2 – IASTM Principles Upper Body (7hr) (Back, neck, shoulder, forearm, carpal tunnel)

Course Description

Learn about Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) and how it can benefit your practice, save your hands, improve outcomes and prolong your career. Discussion topic includes definition, basic application, soft tissue healing principles, review of the literature and application in practice. We let you try over 100+ instruments and tools to make your treatments easier and more effective – then you can choose the best option and make an informed decision. Stop with cookie cutter techniques and start critical thinking & application – including active mobilization therapies, foam rolling, fascial cupping/lifting and functional rehab protocols. See how IASTM is an extension of your body that will give you renewed confidence in skills to use in practice.


  • Q – In order to practice using instruments, what should I wear?
    A – Please wear comfortable clothes you can move around in and easily take on and off during the class (e.g., shorts, sports bra, t-shirt)
  • Q – What should I bring?
    A – Please bring face mask(s), Massage Table, Hand Sanitizer, a notebook, water bottle and food for the day
  • Q – What time should I arrive to register?
    A – Please arrive 10 minutes early for registration
  • Q – Am I permitted to record the course?
    A – No audio or video recording is permitted. If you would like a recording of the course we have a full online IASTM course available that contains video instruction.

Additional information


Practitioner, Student


Day 1, Day 2, Days 1 & 2

IASTM - Upper Lower Body Oct 16-17, 2021

$85.00 CAD$400.00 CAD