Continuing Education Seminars for Health Professionals

Your abilities evolve over time with focused engagement in continuing professional development that supports lifelong learning and performance improvement – we are here to help you be better at what you do!

Prohealthsys seminars feature evidence-based, rapid instructional design from leading practitioners.

We teach you approaches that get you quickly to assessment and therapeutic techniques that focus on patient-centered functional outcomes. Learn to more accurately identify the true cause of your patient’s pathology. This in turn will allow you to provide sustainable, holistic treatment options and promote optimal healing; saving time, money and focusing on results-based medicine.

Get better faster.

World class content

Cutting edge research, top notch instructors, rapid instructional design and a fun, safe learning environment. (There are no dumb questions!)

Growing resources as you grow

As your skill set and clinical knowledge increase, we have the resources to help you on your journey. From anatomy, assessment, exercise/movement therapies, evidence-based best practices and beyond, we have you covered every step of the way!

More tools in the toolbox

Resources you will use in practice for both your own skillset but also for patient/client education (online video tutorials, text books, posture charts, clinical tools, patient hand outs and so much more)


Practice is often isolating for many practitioners. Come out meet people and improve the size and quality of your referral network – meet practitioners you would feel good about referring your clients/patients to – there is no substitute for hands on evaluation and face to face meetings.

Referral Network

By joining the Prohealthsys referral network both the public and other practitioners will recognize you as a higher quality provider. You can also refer with confidence knowing your people will see top quality providers in other areas. Being a member of the Prohealthsys team helps put you a cut above.

Students Love Prohealthsys Continuing Education Seminars