Continuing Education Seminars
for Health Professionals

ProHealth seminars feature evidence-based, rapid instructional design from leading practitioners.

We teach you approaches that get you quickly to assessment and therapeutic techniques that focus on patient-centered functional outcomes. Learn to more accurately identify the true cause of your patient’s pathology. This in turn will allow you to provide sustainable, holistic treatment options and promote optimal healing; saving time, money and focusing on results-based medicine.

All workshops offer continuing education credits (CEUs) through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB – # 785136) and most local state/provincial accreditation bodies.

Dr. Nikita Vizniak

Dr. Nikita Vizniak has been a published author, professor and seminar instructor for more than 20 years. His engaging, hands-on seminars are designed for manual therapists and movement therapists, instructors, trainers and doctors.

Benefits of ProHealth Seminars

World class content

Cutting edge research, top notch instructors, rapid instructional design and a fun, safe learning environment. (There are no dumb questions!)

More tools in the toolbox

Resources you will use in practice for both your own skillset but also for patient/client education (online video tutorials, text books, posture charts, clinical tools, patient hand outs and so much more)

Growing resources as you grow

As your skill set and clinical knowledge increase, we have the resources to help you on your journey. From anatomy, assessment, exercise/movement therapies, evidence-based best practices and beyond, we have you covered every step of the way!


Practice is often isolating for many practitioners. Come out meet people and improve the size and quality of your referral network – meet practitioners you would feel good about referring your clients/patients to – there is no substitute for hands on evaluation and face to face meetings.

Referral Network

By joining the ProHealth referral network both the public and other practitioners will recognize you as a higher quality provider. You can also refer with confidence knowing your people will see top quality providers in other areas. Being a member of the ProHealth team helps put you a cut above.

Students Love ProHealth Courses

[vc_message]If you are the curriculum director at a massage school, CE center, or other manual or movement therapy school, and would like ProHealth or Dr. Nikita Vizniak to run any of the seminars below at your location, please either by email by clicking here or the contact us link at the bottom of the page.[/vc_message]

Be the first to know about upcoming seminars

ProHealth CE programs are structured to work seamlessly with our leading series of practice manuals.

ProHealth instructors integrate history and physical exam findings into patient centred functional outcomes

Learn in a fun, safe and nurturing environment to hone new skills that you can apply in practice the next day

Course Offerings

Advanced Clinical Reasoning & Integration

This course will build your clinical reasoning skills with evidence-based best practices and teach you how to achieve a 30% increase in efficacy for your soft tissue and mobilization techniques.

Prerequisites: RMT, AT, OT, PT, DC, ND, and/or MD

Instrument Assisted STM (IASTM)

Save your hands, prolong your practice life & get better results
Clinically proven treatment and assessment techniques with a huge collection of 100+ instruments to give you an affordable, unbiased opportunity to decide for yourself.

Prerequisites: RMT, AT, OT, PT, DC, ND, and/or MD

Exercise Rehab. & Movement Therapies

This course focuses on an in-depth exploration of applied anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanical with key underlying themes of tissue specific identification, injury based movement modification, and use of evidence based best practices. We review muscles, joints, fascia and learn how compensation in one region can affect or cause imbalances in other regions & focus on the identification of prime movers, synergists, antagonists ‘nerve flossing’ and reciprocal inhibition/contract relax techniques as they apply to various poses and patient stretching techniques. The primary focus will be identification and correction options for common musculoskeletal imbalances as they can be applied in both functional movements/poses and general clinical practice.

Yoga Teacher Training

Connect with yourself & learn how to help others do the same

200 hr teacher training designed specifically for RMTs & health care providers. Functional anatomy is explored through lectures, models, and lots of hand-on work-shopping.

Prerequisites: RMT, AT, OT, PT, DC, ND, and/or MD

Movement Therapy & Yoga Anatomy Retreat

Join Dr. Nikita Vizniak and Dr. Robyn Land for this inspiring, educational and fun retreat. Deepen your knowledge and your practice! This 3.5 day retreat is for yoga teachers, registered massage therapists and anyone else with a keen interest in movement therapies. With days filled with yoga, lectures and delicious meals, your time with us in a retreat center will inspire, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit.

Clinical Cadaver Dissection

Take your experience with the human body to a new clinical level – you can touch, palpate and dissect anything that you desire to see.

This course is offered by invitation only.

Prerequisites: RMT, AT, OT, PT, DC, ND, and/or MD or student in accredited program

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