0501 Advanced Clinical Reasoning
& Practical Integration

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Learn to make assessment therapeutic, gain confidence in your abilities and address tissue specific true cause of pathology to get better results. Advanced clinical reasoning with practical integration makes assessment and treatment more effective. This 1 to 4 day course will assist physical medicine providers in building clinical reasoning skills with evidence based best practices and provide resources you can take directly into practice making you a more effective practitioner. (body region tissue specific – anatomy, ROM, orthopedics, differential diagnosis, soft tissue & osseous mobilization, exercise rehab/stretching, IASTM) – This series is collaboration between the globally recognized author and educator Dr. Nikita Vizniak and the multidisciplinary Prohealthsys team plus get insider access & pricing on the 1000s of proCentral resources (video demos, clinical tools, chart notes, patient handout and many more) – learn what to treat when and start working smarter not harder.

Text reference: Orthopedic Assessment

Available Modules for Prohealthsys Certification:
0502 – Low back, Pelvis, SI abdominal viscera
0503 – Neck, Upper Back & Shoulder
0504 – Upper extremity, Elbow Wrist, Carpal Tunnel
0505 – Lower extremity – Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot


  • Are you ready to go to the next level with rapid instructional design and incorporation of proven techniques used by professional athletes and top clinicians around the world?
  • Do you know how to determine if the low back, visceral referral or SI joints are playing the key role in a clinical presentation?
  • Are you able to differentially diagnose tissue specific injuries? (bone, joint, muscle, tendon, fascia, ligament, nerve, lymph, viscera?)
  • Do you know how to make your assessment therapeutic?
  • Would you like to learn more about WHERE to treat, WHAT to treat and WHEN?
  • Patient treatment and practice building tips you learn on Sunday and apply on Monday
  • Learn to get results faster and build your business at the same time
  • Get empowered and re-energized with fun, effective assessment, differential diagnosis and treatment options you can use today
  • High yield, clinically relevant information, presented in a fun environment for optimal learning
  • Get Professional Health Certified and join our members referral network of the best practitioners and clinics in the world
  • Know that your patient referrals are going to meet the same level of care and expertise you would give yourself by referring to other PHS certified practitioners!

General Class Layout

~1 hr lecture & open discussion
~2.5 hrs practical demonstration & practice of assessment skills using evidence based clinical integration of best practices for pathology recognition
1 hr lunch
~0.5 hrs review of morning material and questions
~2.5 hrs practical demonstration & practice of assessment & treatment skills using evidence based clinical integration of best practices
~0,5 hrs recap and closing thoughts

At the end of the each module participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Basic Format per Module

Rapid hands on anatomy & palpation review (bone, fascia, ligament, joint, muscle, nerve, vessel, viscera)
Evidence based clinical integration of assessment with pathology & evidence informed treatment options listed below:

  • Efficient biomechanics – work smarter instead of harder to prevent injury and get better results
  • Assessment Orthopedic & neurologic testing – have an accurate clinical understanding of the patients specific injury, fascial adhesion, compensation & dysfunction, differential diagnosis – and refer with confidence!
  • Basic & Advanced Soft-tissue & osseous mobilization – learn the critical thinking process, clinical integration and evidence based best practice methods and NOT memorization of protocols. Learn how to use Muscle energy technique (MET), Contract relax (CR), Post-isometric relaxation (PIR), Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Agonist contract (AC) technique in a holistic treatment regime and as part of an integrated healthcare team
  • Pin & stretch (PS) technique, Active Myofascial Release (AMR) or soft tissue release (STR), Acupressure & trigger point release techniques
  • Joint mobilization – learn the best practical application of joint mobilization (grade 1-4) safely and effectively, for the maximum benefit of your patients.

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