100 – RMT Board Exam Review

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Dr. Nik Vizniak, DC, RMT, has been teaching and tutoring students to write and pass practical and standardized exams for over 20 years and understands how to give students the confidence and skill set to become top tier performers – saving them stress, time and money.

Course Description

Dr. Nik Vizniak, DC, RMT wants to give you the secrets he used to write the RMT Board exams of 180 question in approximately 35 minutes—scoring 91% (while results may vary, you have the potential to do even better if you take more time). He did it after only reviewing and only had 4 hours! Dr. Nik has been teaching methods on how to beat standardized exams since 2001.

Students sigh up and get a free copy of the Clinical Massage textbook – $50 value (making this class effectively free), used by many students for board exam review and practice:

  • In-person lecture review to get the competitive edge you need
  • 1 week access to ProCentral online video tutorials
  • 400+ online videos and over 5000 questions database
  • Free Copy of Clinical Massage
  • Question & Answer period … with tips from Dr. Vizniak
  • 20+ years experience teaching students & massage therapists
  • Get the skills & confidence you need to help pass your exams

Get the confidence you need, from proven trusted sources – We’ve got your back!

Students ❤ RMT Board Exam Review

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