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Definition: A doctor/therapist who pays an agreed amount over a set time for space from a clinic and can operate this space as he/she sees fit within provincial/state practice guidelines. You run your practice out of another practice location.

(+) Positives

  • You’re the owner and will build your own practice immediately.
  • Set own hours to take opportunity when existing clinic closed.
  • Income potential is great and only limited by the hours you want to work.
  • You determine practice operations/procedures& clinical/treatment style / beliefs.
  • You hire and fire as you choose.
  • You select own equipment to suit your needs.
  • Location is established and may get spin off from existing clinic.
  • Can keep overhead low by sharing large expenses & access to clinics suppliers.
  • Easy access to second opinion when required.
  • Have flexibility to relocate the practice.

(-) Negatives

  • Initial start up costs/capital required.
  • No immediate income and negative cash flow.
  • Patient flow is initially small and slow to build.
  • You are responsible for and determine practice operations/procedures.
  • You hire and fire as you choose, staff may be inexperienced.
  • You may be responsible for employee training & all administrative duties.

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