Practitioner Resources

(+) Positives

  • You’re the boss and will continue to build the practice for yourself.
  • Income potential is great and only limited by the hours you want to work.
  • Flexibility to select own location, hours.
  • You institute your own practice operations /procedures / staff to suit your style and personality.
  • You determine clinical/treatment style/beliefs, select equipment, leaseholds and furniture to suit your needs.
  • Flexibility to implement own marketing plan/ideas.
  • No previous technique/philosophy/personality conflicts to deal with.

(-) Negatives

  • Small patient volume to start and slow to build.
  • Large initial start-up/capital required and will experience initial negative cash flow to start.
  • Have to establish own clinic contacts, suppliers & hire and train staff.
  • Hard to find experienced staff, difficult to take a vacation.
  • No opportunity to view / learn other practice operations / procedures or treatment styles.
  • You are responsible for and determine practice operations / procedures.
  • Requires a lot of time and energy compared to other options.
  • Responsible for all overhead/expenses, administrative duties, and need to have business skills to operate a clinic successfully.
  • May have to spend more money on marketing in first few years.

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