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The Spinal Manual is the among best integrated physical medicine guides available for students, clinicians & instructors; topics included – regional anatomy, orthopedic and special tests, history, signs and symptoms, physical exam, muscle testing, posture & gait, diagnostic imaging, multidisciplinary management, patient follow-up, prognosis, rehab exercises, and clinical exam forms and patient handouts – view the book’s index.

Pages: 432 – References: 1598



Spinal ManualSample PDF of some pages from the book
This book is the most useful of any of Travell’s Trigger Point Manual, Kendell’s Muscle Testing, Musculino’s Muscle System, Biel’s Trail Guide to the Body, and any Anatomy & Physiology text, all wrapped up in one parcel.
Neil Reid, Myotherapist & acupuncturist, Australia

The Spinal Manual is the best integrated musculoskeletal guide available for students, clinicians & instructors. This is a text you will use long after your classes are done, and can be used in conjunction with the Extremity Manual & Physical Medicine Manual. The Spinal Manual integrates regional anatomy, orthopedic test, common conditions and clinical exam forms – click here to view the book’s index.

  • Top 200+ conditions seen in practice, rapid review tables
  • Over 1500 Illustrations & Images
  • Interactive eBook and clinic forms
  • Free On-Line Video, Image & Testing Resources
  • Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed (DC, DO, MD, ND, PhD, PT, RMT, RN)
  • Clear Presentation & Logical Format Saves Time
  • Perfect for Board Exam, OSCEs & Oral Practical Review
  • A Must-Have for Classroom & General Practice


Pages: 432

NOTE: This eBook is for the first edition. For the current edition, please purchase the physical book

Compare the Competition

ItemSpinal Manual(Vizniak)Trigger Point Manual(Travel)Muscle Testing(Kendall)Muscle System(Muscolino)Trail Guide to Body(Biel)
Publication date20141993200520092010
Peer reviewedYes
All skeletal musclesYesYes
Anatomical variationYesYesYes
Muscle palpationYesYesSomeYesYes
Muscle testingYesYes
Trigger point referralYesYes
Muscle self-stretchingYes
Muscle strengtheningYes
Massage techniquesYesYes
Free video demosYes
Free on-line resourcesYesYes
Environmental printingYesYes

Students, Instructors and Practitioners ❤ Spinal Manual

“I was a very good examiner, diagnostician and provided very good care to my patients and students. However, since I have purchased your book by curiosity, I have been better at what I do, and your manuals have become excellent tools to my practice. So thank you for the effort and excellent work and I will continue to support you!”
— Dr. Viet Nguyen

“This book is the gold standard for practical muscle anatomy; with current evidence based information & phenomenal illustrations it has everything I need. Wish I had all of these books when I was in school, classes would have been so much easier. They are a great reference for the chiropractic board exams.”
— John Urbanski DC, DCFirst.com

“This text is the best of Gray, Travell, Kendall, Biel, Musculino & Tortora without all the excess fat – a lean mean educational machine.”

“This book easily makes the transition from the classroom to daily clinical practice – a book I use every day and worth its weight in gold.”

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Spinal Manual eBook

USD $39.95

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