Posture Poster - 2 per Roll

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This educational poster is a must have for any clinic — GET 2 POSTURE POSTERS IN 1 ROLL!

Advanced, evidence based posture assessment chart with patient educational information and space for advertising your own clinic or business.

Huge Size: 81cm (32″) x 145 cm (57″)

Video of use and application here

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This educational poster is a must have for any clinic — GET 2 POSTERS IN 1 ROLL!

The Posture Poster is sure to improve your clinical assessment and demonstrate the effectiveness of your care.

Get 2 Posture Posters, rolled in a tube, each with:

  • Posture Grid for observation of subtle postural changes
  • Height Measurement (inches & cm) – show your patients they are taller after treatment
  • Anatomy pictures showing muscles, fascial trains, joints and major nerves for review and patient education
  • Global ROM goniometer & ROM references from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Snellen eye chart with color blindness testing
  • Faces pain scale with numeric values
  • Biomechanics of neck and lumbar spine
  • Upper and lower cross syndromes
  • Soft tissue injury & healing stages
  • Gait cycle and foot wear pattern
  • Posture evaluation plus education – help educate your patients and establish yourself as an expert in your field with this great educational resource

Format: Posters – rolled, 2 per tube
Size: 81cm (32″) x 145 cm (57″) – shipped in 34″ x 2.25″ diameter tube
Weight: 776g / o.6kg
Stock: 48lb Bond Paper
ISBN: 978-0-9936191-0-6

Dr. Nik Vizniak

About the Author: Dr. Nikita Vizniak (Dr. Nik), is a collection of 214 bones, 456 joints and soft tissues that loves to learn, teach and help people reach their optimal potential. He is an author, clinician, and professor of clinical cadaver anatomy, exercise therapy, orthopedics, joint mobes, massage and a globally recognized subject matter expert. He has worked with professional teams and athletes, authored many texts, videos and CE seminars used around the world; including the best-selling Muscle Manual, Orthopedic Conditions, among others. His works have been translated into many languages and helped millions of students, clinicians and patients promote evidence-based, best practices of multidisciplinary patient-centered care. Dr. Vizniak empowers people with the skills for optimal health and peak performance. His motto - ‘We are all students and life is cumulative - work smarter, not harder.’ Book him online for a consultation ( or your next CE event! ( Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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Posture Poster - 2 per Roll

USD $75.00