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This textbook is the most up-to-date, functional book on yoga, anatomy and motion medicine available. It’s compact size allows optimal portability so it can always be with you, and lays flat for easy reference next to you. We build up each yoga pose and practice based on the 3 core principles of Yoga: Foundation; Alignment; and Expression.

Over 2750 illustrations
Written by doctors, therapist and yoga instructors
Evidence based anatomy and self quizzes
Acro and partner poses
Coil binding to lay flat when learning or teaching
Simple 2 page format – smaller portable size
Sanskrit and English names in rapid find index
The best yoga book you can get!
The best yoga book you can get!  
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Namaste and welcome to your brand new, shiny yoga book! This textbook is the most up-to-date, functional book on yoga, anatomy and motion medicine available. The size allows optimal portability so it can always be with you. Chapters have learning objectives, are marked with soft tabs, and there is a rapid find index inside the back cover (with Sanskrit and English names).

At the end of each chapter is a ‘celebration of learning’ to test your knowledge (self quiz). To help ensure gender equity, ‘his’ & ‘her’ are used interchangeably throughout.

The ☺ symbol signifies a section containing humour; laughter is optional but recommended.

A solid yoga pose and practice can be related to the building of a home. You want to have an engineered plan and general idea of how the finished structure should appear; and a lot of work goes into good construction. First, build a solid foundation so that your house doesn’t leak or tip over. Next, frame in the walls, roof and windows, making sure to align all the pieces with strength. Lastly, bring elements of expression that make the house a home – paint, decor, plants and love. We build up each yoga pose and practice in a similar manner:

  • Foundation – connecting with strength, awareness and intelligence to the ground and knowledge.
  • Alignment – stacking the joints, using loops, spirals and curves of the body to help find a point of balance (physical, mental, and emotional).
  • Expression – “bring in the poetry” in each pose through the micro-adjustments you can make to find greater comfort, connection and joy within the shape and transitions into and out of each position.

As we encourage you to find these elements within your practice itself, this book has been sculpted around these principles as well. We start by offering up the foundations of yoga—from its historical and philosophical roots to anatomical foundations and applications of yoga and movement in general—to the alignment section that offers you a closer look at individual poses. The expression portion comes from the integration into sequencing at the back of the book, as well as on-going encouragement for you to reflect on the information, question it, and dive deeper.As much as we can give you the information within this book, yoga and movement needs to be felt in the body. That is why we designed your Yoga Book to lie open flat, so that you can hop up and move your body into the shapes and poses offered. There is plenty of room to take your own notes to refine the suggestions offered throughout the book and make this information resonate for you.

For those who are teaching, experience and knowledge are everything, as you are teaching in your body first. For example, if you have never done a handstand in your life, you might not want to dive into teaching it as you cannot speak to it from an authentic place.Try the offerings in this book on for size, make it your own, and then go out and share it with the world!

Our hope is this book will become an invaluable instrument for all the stages of your journey allowing you to invoke prosperity and develop excellence. Namaste!

Over 2750 illustrations
Written by doctors, therapist and yoga instructors
Evidence based anatomy and self quizzes
Acro and partner poses
Coil binding to lay flat when learning or teaching
Simple 2 page format – smaller portable size
Sanskrit and English names in rapid find index
The best yoga book you can get!

382 pages
ISBN: 978-1-989392-01-0
Book size: 6” x 9” x 0.6”
Weight: 1.45 lbs

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Weight 0.204117 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 22.86 × 1.524 cm
1-leg forward fold (Janu Sirsasana) 121
4-limb Staff Pose or Plank Pose  203
8-Limb Staff 215
Abdominal Poses 312
Acro Basics 218
Trust Drills & Ice Breakers 220
Foot Grips 222
Hand Grips 223
Seated Back to Back 224
Seated Facing 226
Standing Back to Back 228
Standing Front to Front 230
Folded Leaf – forward fly 232
Bat 240
Bird 242
Nugget 243
Whale 244
Reverse Bird / Boat 248
Back Fly 250
Throne 254
Candlestick 255
Star 256
Side Post / Vishnu’s Couch 257
Stacking 258
Counter Balance 264
Hand Balance 266
Multi-partners 268
Warm-ups Inversions Forward 270
Partner Forward Bends 274
Partner Back Bends 275
Actions of the body 36
Activity and Sitting 365
Adho Mukha Śvānāsana 102
Adho Mukha Vrksāsana 186
Adipose (fat) 52
Adjusting Students 279
Afternoon Energy 314
Agnistambhasana 86
Alternate Hand Forms 22
Anahatasana 108
Ananda Balasana 96
Anatomical Orientation 27
Anatomy of Breathing 11
Anjaneyasana 134
Anterior Leg Muscles 356
Ardha Chandrasana 158
Ardha Matsyendrāsana 78
Ashtanga Yoga 8
Astavakrāsana 214
Ayurveda 370
Baddha konasana 74
Bakasana 206
Bālāsana 106
Bandhas 15
Basic Sequence Design 375
Bhujangāsana 170
Blood vessels 360
Boat Pose 89
Body Mass Index 53
Body Weight Exercises 366
Bones 28
Bound Ankle Pose 75
Bow Pose 179
Bridge Pose 199
Brügger’s Exercise 364
Camel Pose 177
Cartilage 31
Cat & Cow Pose 105
Cervical Biomechanics 326
Cervical Bones, ligaments 329
Chair Pose 129
Chair Yoga Flow 317
Chakras 16
Chaturanga Dandāsana 202
Child’s Pose 107
Class Requests 283
Classroom Management 282
Cobra 171
Corpse Pose 99
Cow-Faced Pose 83
Crow 207
Dancer 163
Dandāsana 72
Design Your Flow 322
Developing Your Excellence 372
Dhanurāsana 178
Doshas 371
Downward Dog 103
Eagle Pose 161
Easy on the Knees Flow 316
Easy Sitting Pose 71
Ekipadarajakapotasana 84
Exercise prescription 57
Exercise 54
Extended Hand-to-Big Toe Pose 167
Extended Puppy Pose 109
Extended Side Angle Pose 141
Fascia 48
Firefly 213
Firelog or Double Pigeon Pose 87
Foam Roller Exercises 368
Frog’s Pose 81
Garudasana 160
Gate Pose 149
Goddess Pose 145
Gomukhāsana 82
Growth & Performance 56
Gym Ball Exercises 369
Halāsana 194
Half and Full Splits 117
Half Lord of the Fish Pose 79
Half Moon & Revolved Half Moon 159
Hand to Foot/ Toe Pose 113
Handstand 187
Hanumanasana 116
Happy Baby Pose 97
Headstand 189
Head-to-knee Pose (1-leg forward fold) 121
Health Concerns 288
Heart-Opening Class 300
Hero’s Pose 77
High / Low Lunge 135
Hip Openers 313
History of Yoga 4
Human ADLs 24
Invoking Prosperity 373
Janu Sirsasana 120
Jathara Parivartanasana  90
Joints 32
Kids Flow 319
Lateral Leg Muscles 357
Legs Up the Wall Pose 197
Ligaments 30
Locust or Bird 175
Lolāsana 210
Loops & Spirals 66
Lord of the Fishes Pose 183
Low back muscles bones & ligs 332
Lumbar biomechanics 337
Malasana 146
Mandukāsana 80
Marjaryasana & Bitilasana 104
Matsyāsana 182
Mini Flows 310
Mountain Pose 127
Movement Evaluation 377
Mudras 21
Muscle Contraction 44
Muscle Strength 45
Muscles 41
Natarajasana 162
Navāsana 88
Nerves 50
Nervous System 362
Nutrition & Recovery 58
Organs / viscera 60
Pachimottanasana 118
Pādahastāsana/ Pādagustāsana 112
Pain Gate Theory 51
Parighasana 148
Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana 94
Parivṛttapārśvakoṇāsana 142
Parivrttatrikonāsana 138
Parvottanāsana 150
Peacock 191
Pendant Pose 211
Pigeon Pose 85
Pincha Mayurasana 190
Plank Pose  203
Plow Pose 195
Posterior Forearm Muscles 347
Posterior Leg Muscles 358
Postural & Phasic Muscles 46
Posture 62
Power Yoga Class 304
Prana 10
Pranayama 12
Prasarita Padottanasana 114
ProHealth Intro Flow 298
Purvottanasana 208
Pyramid Pose 151
Reclined Big Toe Pose 93
Reclined Twist 91
References 378
Restorative Yoga 308
Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose 95
Revolved Side Angle Pose  143
Revolved Triangle Pose 139
Salabhasana 174
Salamba Sarvāngāsana 192
Savasana 98
Seated Forward Fold 119
Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold 123
Self Stretching  367
Seniors Flow 318
Sequencing & Teaching 278
Sequencing Basics 284
Sequencing Form 374
Session Tracking 376
Set & Reps 55
Setu Bandhasana 198
Shoulder Muscles 342
Shoulder Stand 193
Side Plank Pose  205
Śīvsāsana 188
Skin 26
Sleep Tight Flow 315
Special Yoga Groups 286
Spine and Posture 64
Squat or Garland Pose 147
Staff Pose 73
Standing Forward Fold 111
Standing Splits 165
Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold 115
Stress Strain 47
Sukhāsana 70
Sun Salutation A & B 297
Supta Padangusthasana 92
Table Top 209
Tādāsana 126
Tittibhāsana 212
Tree Pose 155
Triangle Pose 137
Twist-Focused Class 302
Upavistakonāsana 122
Upward Facing Dog 173
Urdhva Dhanurasana or Chakrāsana 180
Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana 164
Ūrdhvamukhaśvānāsana 172
Ustrāsana 176
Utkata Konasana 144
Utkatāsana 128
Uttānāsana 110
Utthita Hasta Padangustasana 166
Utthita Pārśvakoṇāsana 140
Utthita Trikoṇāsana 136
Vashistasana 204
Vinyasa 296
Viparītakarani 196
Vīrabhadrāsana I 130
Vīrabhadrāsana II 132
Virabhadrasana III 156
Vīrāsana 76
Vrksasana 154
Warrior I 131
Warrior II 133
Warrior III 157
Wheel Pose 181
Whiplash 327
Yamas & Niyamas 9
Yin Class 306
Yoga Injuries 292
Yoga Styles 6
Yoga Voice 281
Yoga with Pain 294
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