written by ProHealth Facilitator, Andrew Dow.

There are two contrasting forces that endlessly impact our body’s movement. One being gravity pushing us down to the earth and the second being the inner action of lift, that bring height and lightness to our body. These two forces are in a constant contrasting dance with one another. As I look around, gravity seems to be hogging all the attention on the dance floor of posture. This may contribute to ‘feeling heavy’, slouching or feeling small.

A good way of feeling this upward force is to apply more gravity to our bodies. Placing something with weight on our heads while we sit with a tall spine, after a few minutes take off the weight and the upward lift can be felt. The action of lifting is not solely present in an exercise; rather we are never without it. Unfortunately our attention is usually elsewhere, or we may lack the somatic awareness to sense it.

The most prevalent physical injuries such as a sore back, neck, knees and feet are often victims of gravity. These body parts all take on the burden of heaviness, unless our natural ability to counter gravity is unrestricted.

The ground is as hard as you make it.

The question isn’t ‘how do I find lift and lightness?’ rather it’s ‘What is stopping me from having it?’