Dr. Robyn Land






ProHealth Yoga Teacher Training was created by Dr. Robyn Land and Dr. Nikita Vizniak.

Dr. Robyn, a long-time yoga teacher and studio owner, repeatedly saw the same challenges faced by new teachers that applied to teach at her studio. Inspired by her love of yoga and teaching, she had the goal of creating a teacher training program that focused on small class sizes and a high-level of knowledge. Her students would complete the program with a solid understanding of the all aspects of yoga and the confidence and composure needed to be an outstanding teacher. As a facilitator with Dr. Vizniak’s ProHealth System’s continuing education program, the two partnered up to launch ProHealth Yoga Teacher Training.

ProHealth Yoga focuses on building a strong foundation of anatomy and physiology in each practitioner so that they may dive deeply into the mental, emotional and spiritual offerings of yoga while continuously tying back to evidence-based science and medicine. This dichotomy leads to a holistic program that will develop each participant a safe, competent and unique yoga teacher.





Testimonials from our students:

“Non competitiveness environment and confidentiality reassure the students to learn, to share, to participate. All the facilitators are great at sharing personal and teaching experiences. I have learned so much from the Level 1 class and from everyone, also the students are great in sharing and helping each other!”

“I like that this was a small class and there were enough teachers/trainers to help us when we practiced our different poses. It was a very warm and comfortable setting. Learning about the anatomy was really interesting for me. I was able to better understand how the body and muscle groups work when going in to poses.”

“Thanks so much for such a great learning experience! 200 hours sounds daunting, but you made it worth-while and fun. I really appreciated the integrated, holistic approach, enabling me to strengthen whatever knowledge/skills I already had and build from there. I found it very important to be in a small class in which I could learn from other students and feel supported by them. I feel like the standards were maintained at a fairly high level, but that everyone was welcome to be where they felt comfortable. This was such a positive experience, and I would certainly recommend Prohealth teacher training!!”

“I have really enjoyed my yoga teacher training so far. All of the facilitators are very knowledgeable, welcoming and enthusiastic. The weekends were busy but flew by.”