One of our amazing facilitators, Andrew Dow offers up weekly musings on his blog, Dowisms. Here is one of his posts from this fall:

The advancement in the last few decades is nothing but astounding, virtual reality video games, the world of knowledge at our fingertips, even a spacecraft sent to mars, but with all this advancement are we any happier?

The prevalence of depression, stress, and anxiety seems to be everywhere we look. In a way the drive for advancement and progression, has the opposite effect for our mental well-being.

Our day-to-day lives are full with stuff, stuff to do, needs and wants. Advancement comes through focus, drive, work, the exact opposite of not giving a [care]. When I visualize myself with ‘no [cares] given’ I see the freedom of the playground.

Play, when is the last time you played? Moved, lived, in the moment with no cares. No judgment about yourself or others, no need to perform, just being. Dancing with the ebb and flow of the moment. Conquering the jungle gym, or sprinting for no reason. Fighting with someone like two puppies would.

I seek it, being in the moment. Yet even in my mindfulness practices I have expectations of myself, [cares] are given. Shit, I even feel guilty when I take a nap. Play, one of the few times where we don’t seek anything, forced to be there in the moment, flying like a leaf in the breeze.

Forget the classroom, the gifts are in recess. The most important 15 minutes of the day, but sadly the first to be cut.

Long live the playground.