RYS Yoga AllianceAs a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance, we have developed a curriculum to ensure outstanding depth and breadth of knowledge alongside a high level of professionalism.

Classes are limited to 20 participants, creating a safe and nurturing environment to explore and grow. We believe our small class size and program schedule create a perfect balance between immersing yourself in yoga and its teachings and the opportunity to integrate, go deeper, and explore as you move through the levels. You also get the opportunity to practice what you learn through peer-teaching and practicums to build your confidence and experience leading yoga classes.

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Our 200-hour curriculum covers 5 main topics outlined by the Yoga Alliance:

Topic 1:

Training &
100 hours

Throughout our teacher training we work with the tenant “learn to learn, learn to teach, and teach to learn.” Through personal practice of asanas, pranayama, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation, and more, you will have an opportunity to deepen your own practice as well as learn to teach these aspects to your future students.

Topic 2:

25 Hours

Learn how to be a dynamic, inspiring yoga teacher! Through guest speakers and the experience of the facilitators, students learn classroom management, how to teach to special populations, and how to embrace and develop your own teaching style. We also focus on the business aspect of teaching yoga including setting up your yoga business and how to market yourself in the community.

Topic 3:

Anatomy &
20+ hours

This is where ProHealth Yoga Teacher’s training really shines. Human anatomy and physiology are explored in depth through lectures, models, and lots of hand-on work-shopping. We also explore the more energetic anatomy of yoga through energy anatomy such as the chakras and nadis.

After completing the 200-hour training, you might want to explore additional learning through ProHealth Systems continuing education to seek out further certification and knowledge.

Topic 4:

Yoga Philosophy,
Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers:
30 hours

Deepen your yoga practice through the study of yogic philosophies and the traditional texts that date back hundreds of years. We discuss yogic lifestyle, ethics for teaching, and yoga as a service to others (seva).

Topic 5:

10 hours

Some of the very best learning is through doing. Through peer-teaching within the program as well as practicums where you lead your own classes, you will develop confidence and receive feedback to make you an outstanding teacher.

ProHealth Yoga Mission Statement:

To nurture and support each individual in developing their greatest potential as a yoga teacher and lifelong yoga student.
To provide a safe, stimulating and inspiring environment for personal, multidisciplinary professional and spiritual growth.
To provide the tools, experience and knowledge to develop yoga teachers that stand out in the yoga community for their knowledge base and the quality of their skills in delivering evidence-based, motivating and top-quality yoga classes.