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proCentral Questions

The Free account offers you limited access to proCentral videos and resources that complement our textbooks.

proCentral Premium gives you full access to our entire video library and resources, plus get exclusive discounts on products in our store. The discounted price will automatically show up when you are logged in with your Premium account. Your membership can easily pay for itself in the discounts you receive in our online store!

proCentral Master members get the same access as Premium, plus 24/7 access to read most Prohealthsys textbooks online.

If you are a student or teacher with valid academic identification, you qualify for our Academic account. This account offers full access at a discounted price.

All accounts include a free 10 day trial and memberships can be cancelled anytime via your account control panel (not that you’ll want to once you discover how many awesome resources are at your fingertips!)

We’re sorry to see you go! proCentral paid accounts offer unlimited access to our growing library of practitioner resources. If you decide to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time.

  1. Simply go to your account settings page
  2. Make sure you are logged in to see the page
  3. Under the heading of “My Memberships” you will see your account
  4. Click on “Cancel” and confirm on the next page

If you have the proCentral Master Edition or Student Edition membership, you can enjoy online reader access to our textbooks. These can be found at the bottom of the main proCentral page. Please note that books are best experienced on a large screen.


If you are signed up for proCentral Master Edition or Student Edition membership, you can enjoy online reader access to many of our textbooks. These can be found at the bottom of the main proCentral page.

If you purchase an ebook, they are delivered as a PDF and can be viewed on smaller devices like the iPad, but these are larger files that should be stored elsewhere (e.g. Dropbox or iBooks).

Prohealthsys does not have a physical location for purchasing or picking up products. We offer our resources through our website and select college bookstores.

Please bear with us as we are working hard to post a large number of videos to the website. We are rolling new sections out on a regular basis so please check back often.

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